President, executive producer

SHE is the Mustang.

Undeniably fearless, Angélique Richer is inspired by human stories. Self-taught, she has been successfully navigating the media industry against all odds since 1995. As a presenter, content developer and producer, she has actively collaborated on projects for both television and the new media. The projects she has conceived, developed and collaborated on have been broadcast on channels in Quebec and Canada, such as Historia, Télé-Québec, TV5, UnisTV, MAtv, APTN, Radio-Canada, Vtélé, RDS, Bravo.

She has served as a consultant on various cultural topics and was a member of the Board of the Académie and served on the jury panel in several contests. She also co-founded the first digital distribution company in Quebec: HG sur le net. Professional and dynamic she continues to be involved at various levels within our industry and is valued for her positive leadership.

She thrives on passion, risk and challenge. It is no accident that this image of the “black mustang”, fiery, loyal and charging towards its goals has been leitmotiv since entering the world of media. That is exactly who Angelique is: a racehorse, but in a Chanel suit.

Mustang, was born from a desire to move forward, to excel and to open up to new forms of distribution. Thanks to its talented collaborators, from all sectors, Mustang is prepared to offer you the best of their creativity.

Mustang, it runs in her blood. You just need to give it a try and ride the beast with her.